♻️Economic model

🚜Boost PoolTINC has a closed-loop economic model, and its usage scenarios include but are not limited to:


  • LP Farming

  • NFT Farming

  • Play to Earn

Stake TINC

  • Liquidity Provider

Provide liquidity with TINC and get TINC rewards.

  • Ecosystem Governance

Staking TINC to participate in Tiny World governance.

  • Game Privileges

Staking TINC is a necessary condition for the promotion of rank in Tiny World, which will give certain advantages in our games.

Spend TINC

  • Purchase Summon Runes

Players can obtain NFTs after using summon runes. The cost of purchasing the runes will be charged by the agreement, and 80% of the tokens collected by the agreement will be burned and destroyed. The rest of 20% tokens will go to TinyDAO treasury.

  • Spend in Tiny Games

TINC can be used in the Tiny games in many ways, such as purchasing crystals, expanding inventory slots, etc, half of the TINC income will be burned and half goes to TinyDAO treasury.

TinyDAO Treasury

  • Yield Aggregator Fee

Vault charges a 20% fee which goes to TinyDAO treasury.

  • NFT Marketplace Fee

50% of the NFT marketplace fee which goes to TinyDAO treasury.

The burning amount of TINC will not exceed 50% of the total token supply.

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