SPIRIT NFT is an on-chain NFT asset based on the ERC-1155 standard that plays an important role in the Tiny Farm and Tiny Kingdom games.


  • Ticker: SPIRIT

  • Token Address: 0x37e678d782d38a75EB16130b39C4ce2d7E3cC808

Function 1: SPIRIT can be used to restore energy to the Tiny Hero NFT.

The amount of SPIRIT required to restore energy to NFTs of different qualities varies.

Function 2: SPIRIT can be used to enhance the initial combat power of Tiny Hero NFT.

  • Only UR, SSSR, and SSR Heroes can increase initial combat power.

  • The amount of SPIRIT consumed varies depending on the quality of the NFT.

  • The higher the initial combat power, the more SPIRIT will be consumed when increasing combat power.

  • There is a limit to the increase in initial combat power, UR-1360, SSSR-720, SSR-130.

Function 3: SPIRIT can be used for breeding Tinymon NFTs.

  • After each breeding, the parent Tinymons will enter a 7-day breeding cooldown period.

  • The two Tinymons in the breeding pair cannot have a parent or sibling relationship.

  • Tinymons that are idle, farming, or in the Tiny Kingdom can breed directly.

20% of the TINC consumed for breeding will go into the TinyDAO treasury, while the remaining 80% will be destroyed. 50% of the consumed SPIRIT will go into the total reward pool for Tinymon NFT farming, while the other 50% will be destroyed.

Feature 4: SPIRIT can be used to refine equipment in the Tiny Kingdom.

Equipment Refinement: Players can consume SPIRIT to refine the initial attributes of equipment.

  • The amount of SPIRIT consumed each time is affected by the quality and current strength of the equipment.

  • Through refinement, equipment strength can be increased to a maximum of 90.

  • The higher the current strength of the equipment, the lower the probability of successful refinement.

  • There are three random results for each refinement: 1. Failed, no increase in attributes. 2. Success, randomly increase 1 initial attribute. 3. HUGE Success, randomly increase 3 initial attribute.

Requirements for equipment refinement:

  • Equipment quality needs to be 3-star(blue) or above.

  • Each initial attribute value of the equipment must be more than 0.

How to obtain SPIRIT?

As an important NFT asset on the Tiny World platform, SPIRIT can be obtained through multiple channels:

  • Weekly ranking rewards for Tiny Lord.

  • Tinymon NFT farming.

  • 7-day on-chain check-in.

  • Ranking rewards in the Tiny Kingdom.

  • Various community activity rewards.


bSPIRIT(bouding SPIRIT) is a special on-chain NFT asset based on the ERC-1155 standard that CANNOT be traded or transferred.

  1. The function of bSPIRIT is equivalent to SPIRIT (hero energy replenishment/hero combat power enhancement/Tinymon Breeding)

  2. When players consume SPIRIT, contracts will consume bSPIRIT first

  3. bSPIRIT cannot be traded or deposited to Tiny Kingdom

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