👻Fairy Assistant

In the game, managing multiple stage maps at the same time will exert certain pressure. The fairy assistant can help you save a lot of operation costs and increases the utilization rate of the heroes.

For each season, the fairy assistant is in a locked state and requires the cost of USDC to unlock. The amount of USDC consumed is related to the remaining time of the current season. Once unlocked, it can be used continuously until the end of the season.

The fairy assistant can work continuously for 24 hours after each activation. The fairy assistant will stop working and turn to rest state in the following cases:

  1. Work time ends.

  2. Backpack is full.

  3. Player manually operate retreat.

The functions of the fairy assistant include:

  1. Automatically dispatching hero teams in the campaign and automatically retreat.

  2. Automatically melt preset materials.

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