🎮Idle game

Tiny Kingdom is an auto-battler idle game where your Tiny Heroes will battle endless waves of enemies. When you end the battle, you will be rewarded with special materials which can be forged in to epic equipment. There will be more gameplay features added in Tiny Kingdom, with Tiny Heroes and equipment being vital to the gameplay and economy.

Automatic Combat

By pressing "Combat" button, the heroes will march to battle and obtain important materials and crystals by battling endless waves of NPCs. You will be able to restart the battle by pressing the "retreat" button, refreshing your heroes HP and distributing the material and crystal rewards.

The battle process is completely automatic and will not need supervision, meaning it really does not take up a lot of time!


By upgrading their rank, players can unlock up to 14 stages. Each stage has its own background and drop rate bonus. The stage you participate in will significantly affect the battle drop rate, so work hard to upgrade your rank.

Strengthen Your Tiny Heroes!

Tiny Heroes can become stronger by upgrading and wearing equipment. The more powerful heroes can earn better in-game rewards. Strengthen your heroes as soon as possible and fight for the leaderboard prizes!

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