🏛️DAO Governance

Tiny World believes that DAO governance should not be limited to product functions and settings, but should also give users the right to manage platform assets.

Tiny Coin (TINC) holders have governance rights over the platform and will have the right to manage the treasury of Tiny World and determine the future direction of the platform.

Governance Platform

The Tiny World team will initiate proposals in the early phase of the system, and the veTINC holders will vote on the outcomes of the proposals. Later on, we will gradually shift to a fully decentralized governance, where veTINC holders will initiate proposals and vote on the outcomes.

veTINC governance voting across multiple chains are carried out in a unified manner, which means they can participate in voting together.

DAO Multi-chain Treasury

Most of the profits across the Tiny World platform will be directed into the TinyDAO Treasury, including but not limited to:

BNB Chain

  1. 20% of Summon Rune purchases - TINC

  2. 20% of Tiny Vault fee - BUSD

  3. 50% of NFT marketplace fee - BUSD

  4. 20% of TINC consumed in the Tiny World game universe - TINC

Players use veTINC to conduct governance voting to determine how the funds in the DAO treasury are used and distributed.

According to the proposal on April 26, 2023, $350,000 worth of stablecoin currency assets in the DAO treasury were converted into mainstream cryptocurrency assets, namely BTC, ETH, and BNB. https://snapshot.org/#/tinygames.eth/proposal/0x80c42f0fbd798b152dbdf2f157d8f4f86a0e55b468036a68d9c0be6ba7465f52

zkSync Era

  1. 50% of the NFT marketplace fee - USDC

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