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About NFTs

The NFT standardization of core game assets is a major feature of Tiny World.

Players will not only use NFTs to play the game, but also to participate in Tiny Farm mining to earn DeFi rewards. Tiny Hero NFT is the first kind of game asset released that supports Tiny Farm mining.

Game Assets




Tiny Hero


Summon Runes/Activity


About Runes

Players can purchase runes on the Tiny Farm platform and use them to summon Tiny Hero NFT. Tiny Heroes can be used to participate in Tiny Farm GameFi or can be transferred to Tiny Kingdom to play games.

Mystery Runes Pre-Sale

The Tiny World project will carry out a very exciting Mystery Runes Pre-sale Event from 25/02/22 01:00PM UTC - 28/02/22 01:00PM UTC.

Summon Runes

The summon runes will be opened for sale after Tiny Farm has officially launched. Summon runes can be purchased with TINC, 80% of which will be burned, and the other 20% will goes to TinyDAO treasury.

Price: 100 TINC

Summon Runes contract will initially consume user's locked TINC before using TINC held in wallet.

Summon Runes Rule

  1. Summon runes cannot be traded.

  2. Players can mint and collect Tiny Hero NFTs by using the summon runes after purchasing.

  3. Players can only continue to buy new summon runes after using all of the purchased summon runes. (Make sure that there are no unfinished transactions).

  4. New summon runes can only be used when there are 0 runes being opened in the queue. (No pending transactions).

  5. Players can collect up to 100 summon runes in their inventory, and open up to 10 at a time.

Mystery Runes Rule

  1. After purchasing Mystery Runes, the user can redeem them on this webpage when the project is officially launched.

  2. Mystery runes can be traded in Tiny Market.

  3. User can unseal their mystery runes on summon runes webpage and convert them to summon runes in a 1:1 ratio.

  4. Players can only unseal mystery runes when summon runes total is 0.

Fair and transparent runes unpacking mechanism

In order to ensure that the process of creating the Tiny Hero NFT is completely random, the transaction of the player buying the summon runes will determine the random seed for the player to use runes. The seed is generated as follows:

seed = keccak256(bytes32(uint256(blockHash) + uint256(address)))

Genesis Tinymon Eggs Pre-sale

Only the Genesis Tinymon Eggs Pre-sale Event can provide access to the Genesis Tinymons. Check the pre-sale announcement for details.

Genesis Tinymons will have a unique ORIGIN logo. Meanwhile the ORIGIN Tinymons have the following privileges:

  • The cost of Genesis Tinymons breeding is 20% cheaper compared with normal Tinymons.

  • When breeding triggers the gene mutation, there is a higher chance for offspring pets to obtain high-quality parts.

Genesis Tinymon's initial body part gene probability is as follows:

Body Part QualityColorProbability














Genesis Tinymons can be obtained through pre-sale, while the normal Tinymons can only be obtained through breeding. More information can be found:

#Tinymon Breeding

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