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The kingdom has provided plenty of resources and finally repaired the derelict arena. Now the time has come to select and train the most elite warriors in battle. In the arena, the heroes of each warrior can fight to their heart's content. The special energy within the arena can restore the heroes' abilities to their original state. Countless warriors surged into the arena for the sake of wealth and glory. Who can win the final victory and stand at the summit? Draw your weapon, and let's find out who the strongest warriors are!

Introduction to Arena Rules

1. Players can participate in the arena gameplay by having any hero in idle or active state.

2. The effects of Tinymon attributes will take full effect in arena battles. By matching pet attributes according to the opponent's lineup, it is easier to win.

3. Arena matches will automatically provide three opponents for challenge selection. If none of them are suitable, you can refresh all opponents.

4. When deploying multiple heroes, you can change their positions by dragging them.

5. The order of attack in each round is determined by the attack speed. If the battle lasts for more than 20 rounds, the defending side will win directly.

6. Based on the daily increase in arena points, players can participate in daily rankings. Seasonal rankings are based on the final arena points settlement.

Opponent Matching Setting

Explanation of Arena Points

All players start with 1000 arena points at the beginning of each season. Each challenge can increase or decrease the points depending on whether they win or lose. For defense only losing will decrease points. The minimum value for arena points is 500. After the season ends, all players' arena points will be reset to 1000.

Opponent Matching Rules

The system will match three opponents for the player to choose from based on their arena points. The reward points will be different depending on which opponent is selected. The specific rules are as follows:

Opponent pointsWinning challenges earns random pointsLosing challenges deducts random pointsFailing defenses deduct random points

Opponent with the highest points




Opponent with average points




Opponent with the lowest points




Clicking on the opponent's entry allows you to view their detailed information. If you find that none of the three opponents is suitable, you can spend a small amount of crystal to refresh and rematch with three new opponents.

Explanation of Arena Ticket

There are three free challenge opportunities per day. After the free attempts are used up, the Arena Ticket will be consumed to continue the challenge. The Arena Ticket needs to be created in the workshop with the related materials need to be consumed for production. The specific production-output relationship is as follows:

Material QualitySynthesize Rate

High level green material


Low level blue material


High level blue material


Purple material


Orange material


When producing Arena Ticket, if the synthesis probability meets 100%, one Arena Ticket will be generated.

The consumption of Arena Tickets will increase with the number of challenges on the current day. Excluding the free attempts, the consumption rules of Arena Ticket are as follows:

Challenge AttemptsTickets Required









Battle Setting

Hero Lineup Formation

  • To participate in the arena challenge, at least one hero must be deployed. The challenge team can have a maximum of three heroes, with only one hero per profession allowed.

  • Only heroes in idle or active status can be deployed in the arena. The hero in an idle state will become active if they participate in an arena challenge, and there will be a lockout period of up to 48 hours for the active state. Heroes in active status can participate in boss trials and arena challenges at will.

  • The system will save the lineup of the player's last attack as the defensive lineup automatically.

  • Deployed heroes can freely adjust their positions in the top, middle, and bottom slots. Players can create a variety of unique combat styles by wearing appropriate gear and pairing pets with different traits. We look forward to players exploring and experimenting on their own to discover the combinations that suit their play-style best.

  • In the arena, the hero can only perform basic attacks. Moreover, when the hero brings a Tinymon, the Tinymon's characteristics will be inherited by the hero, and its skills can be released during the battle process.


Target Selection for Attack

  • Prioritize attacking the enemy hero that is closest to oneself.

  • If multiple enemy heroes are at the same distance, prioritize attacking the one that is located above.

Battle Attribute

  • Arena Strength: Describes the combat strength of the hero in the arena.

  • Attack: Affects the ability to deal damage when attacking.

  • Defense: Affects the ability to resist damage when attacked.

  • HP: Represents the hero's survival status. When it reaches 0, the hero dies.

  • Luck: Affects the hit rate and critical rate when attacking.

  • Morale: Affects the attack speed and damage amplification when attacking.

  • At the beginning of each round, the system randomly assigns a basic attack speed to all heroes on the battlefield. The final attack speed = the system's random speed + the morale value

  • When the attacker's morale attribute is greater than the defender's morale attribute, the additionally increased damage multiplier for this attack= (attacker's morale value - defender's morale value) / (attacker's morale value + 100).

  • When attacking, the hit rate calculation formula=max((attacker's luck value + 500) * 12 / ((attacker's luck value + 500) * 12 + defender's luck value + 500)-defender's pet's trait dodge rate, 30%).

  • When attacking, the critical rate calculation formula=attacker's luck value / (attacker's luck value + 5000).

  • The initial critical damage rate is 200%. The actual critical hit damage rate = the initial critical hit damage rate + Tinymon's skill critical hit damage rate.

  • The formula for normal attack damage = ((attacker's attack power * attacker's hero level) / 20) * (1 - defender's defense power / (defender's defense power + 1000)).

Battle Round

If the battle lasts for more than 20 rounds, the defending party will win directly.

Experience Reward

In each arena challenge, heroes who participated will be rewarded with experience points based on the current number of challenges (including the 3 free challenges) and the result of the battle.

The experience reward for winning=the number of challenges * 20

The experience reward for losing =the number of challenges *10

Ranking Rewards Setting

Daily Ranking Rewards

The daily ranking is based on the net increase of arena points during that day. If multiple players have the same increase in arena points, the player who reached the score earlier will be ranked higher. After the daily settlement at 08:00:00 (UTC), the increase in arena points will be reset to 0.

In the current version, the top 400 players in the daily ranking will receive rewards in the form of TINC and Crystals, which will be distributed via in-game mail.

Seasonal Ranking Rewards

The seasonal ranking is based on the player's current arena points. If multiple players have the same arena points, the player who reached the score earlier will be ranked higher. At the end of each season, the rankings will be finalized, and the players' initial arena points will be reset to 1000.

In the current version, the top 400 players in the seasonal ranking will receive rewards in the form of TINC, which will be distributed via in-game mail.

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