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About NFTs

The NFT standardization of core game assets is a major feature of Tiny World.

Players will not only use NFTs to play the game, but also to participate in Tiny Farm mining to earn DeFi rewards.

Game Assets




Tiny Hero


Summon Runes/Activity


About Runes

Players can purchase runes on the Tiny Farm platform and use them to summon Tiny Hero NFT. Tiny Heroes can be used to participate in Tiny Farm GameFi or can be transferred to Tiny Kingdom to play games.

Summon Hero NFTs

The summon function will be opened after Tiny Farm has officially launched. Summon 1 hero NFT consumes 100 TES, 80% of which will be burned, and the other 20% will goes to TinyDAO treasury.

Price: 100 TES

Priority of TES consumption: Airdrop Lockup > NFT Farming > Wallet Balance

Summon Rules

  1. Players can mint Tiny Hero NFTs directly by consuming 100 TES/pcs.

  2. Players can summon up to 10 heroes at a time.

  3. Hero NFTs will be Automatically Staked in the NFT farming contract and start earning TES once summoned.

Mystery Runes Rules

  1. Mystery runes can be traded in Tiny NFT Marketplace.

  2. User can use mystery runes to summon heroes directly on summon webpage.

  3. The probability of summoning a hero using the Mystery Rune is the same as a regular summon (100 TES/pcs).

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