🏰Tiny Kingdom zkSync

"Tiny Kingdom" is a strategic idle trading game that incorporates web3 gameplay elements. Since its launch on March 17, 2022, the game has gone through more than a year of updates and iterations, introducing various game mechanics such as Quest, Boss challenges, Equipment refinement, Tinymon progression, and Arena. These features have been well-received by many players, and we've also gathered a lot of valuable feedback and suggestions.

The Tiny World team has decided to bring a brand new concept of Tiny Kingdom on a new chain. We are rolling out the all-new Tiny Kingdom zkSync version following the characteristics of the zkSync Era. The features are as follows:

1. Seasonal cycles for endless adventure excitement.

Every four weeks constitutes a season. After each season ends, in-game materials, equipment, and progression assets will be reset, but your NFT assets will remain with you as always.

2. Economic model innovation, building a prosperous ecosystem together.

Inflation will no longer plague the Tiny World. Self-circulation becomes the new economic lifeline, with massive consumption of TINC, leading to more TINC being burned.

3. Significant reduction in game entry barriers, easily embark on your adventure.

Deposit and withdraw tokens to enjoy the full game experience. The NFT Hero level in Tiny Farm no longer restricts the in-game level, but upgrading the Hero level in the farm will significantly enhance the hero's abilities and become your secret weapon to win.

4. Both asset demand and supply will increase, closely matching season progression.

The total number of stages increases to 20. Each stage can dispatch 3 heroes, with a maximum of 60 heroes simultaneously to conquer the Tiny Kingdom!

5. Upgraded title function, more powerful strategy.

The number of stages becomes critical, and the title function is more powerful. Meanwhile, the title function will no longer be tied to veTINC to lower the threshold, but in-game contribution points will be needed to improve the title.

6. Introduction of card draw mechanism, further increasing Token consumption.

Tinymon will be claimed in the game through a card draw system. The expedition gameplay will change to use Tinymon, and Tinymon upgrades will require consuming them, making your Tinymon lineup more competitive.

7. Reducing game restrictions, enjoying a smooth gaming experience.

Heroes can be reused in different in-game scenarios. Restrictions on durability, functions and certain tickets will no longer exist, making your adventure a smoother experience.

Please note that the above rules may be adjusted before the official launch. For detailed rules, please refer to those at the time of the official launch.

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