⛰️Tiny Dungeons

Tiny Dungeons, a highly strategic tower defense adventure game, beckons you to showcase your might on a 24x24 grid battlefield! Players will become the master, commanding legions of monstrous minions to protect their territory and repel the valiant heroes. Effortlessly construct your impenetrable defence with simple rules and intuitive controls. To make battles even more thrilling, we’ve ingeniously designed two factions — heroes and monsters — to let you savor different delights as you defend and attack. Heroes and monsters come in the form of collectible cards, which players can summon using in-game tokens.


Once upon a time, heroes and the dark legion engaged in a fierce showdown in that bright and beautiful Tiny world. When everyone thought that tranquility had arrived, secrets from the depths of the earth were awakened once again! Let us embark on this thrilling adventure together, join hands to save Tiny World, and conquer countless perilous dungeons!

Dungeons Assault: The Ultimate Showdown!

Upon learning of the evil news, our heroic leader vows not to let the Dark Legion’s dungeons go unchallenged! He summons the heroes of the Tiny World, boosting their morale for a fiery attack on the dungeons! However, facing the infighting lords, fragmented armies, and the evil mastermind behind the Dark Legion, the situation reaches a stalemate, with many heroes captured. We realize we need more help to achieve ultimate victory!

Contemplating how to assemble a powerful army, the heroic leader stumbles upon the sealed wormhole at a former battlefield with the Dark Legion. His eyes filled with determination, a purple aura shoots to the sky! The power of mystery runes combines with the wormhole, and the cursed heroes emerge like phoenixes reborn from the ashes.

Dungeon Adventure, Are You Ready?

Prepare for an exhilarating dungeon adventure! As a member of the Dark Legion, can you protect the dungeons from the new alliance of heroes? Challenge your limits! Experience the thrill of being a great Demon King, you’re not fighting alone. Monsters harboring mysterious powers dwell in the dungeons, and they will serve you loyally, fighting alongside you to conquer the battlefield.

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