🪙Utility Token:TES

Tiny World’s zkSync version will be the first to issue a utility token named Tiny Era Shard(TES), based on the ERC20 standard. TES will mainly serve player incentivization and consumption.

Token Detail

  • Token Ticker: TES

  • Total Amount: 200,000,000

  • Token Address: 0xCab3F741Fa54e79E34753B95717b23018332b8AC

TES will be fairly distributed, with no investors and no team quota. With a total supply of 200 million tokens, an initial distribution of 2 million TES will be sent, 50% of which will be airdropped to long-term supporters of Tiny World before launch, while the remaining 50% will be distributed based on the amount of TINC burned. All other tokens will be used as incentives for participating in Tiny World zkSync Era.

TES Airdrop has been compiled and TES supscription has ended.

Check details here:https://activity.tinyworlds.io/

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