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Only Hero NFTs farming in Hero Pool can play Tiny Lord. NFTs in any other state must be staked in the Hero Pool first before participating in Tiny Lord. Players can enjoy both lord territory TINC rewards and Hero Pool TINC rewards simultaneously.

Combat Mechanism

Combat power = random figure between 1 – 100% of the NFT power

The battle concludes with the highest damage being the winner. And if there is a tie, the defender wins. For example, NFT power = 3000, damage dealt will be 1 – 3000.

Occupy Territory

If the player wins the territory challenge, the winning 3 heroes will automatically occupy the territory and generate TINC in real time. Additionally, these 3 heroes can simultaneously enjoy the original mining income in the NFT Farm. If the player is defeated in the territory challenge, they no longer occupy the territory as lord, but can still enjoy the original NFT mining benefits in the NFT pool. All Lords are farmers, but not all farmers are lords.

Farmer and Lord

In the face of the attack from the Dark Legion, the Tiny farmers need to provide resources to Lords as compensation for defending their homeland. NFT pool and Tiny Lord will share the total NFT pool emission in a 60:40 split between farming and lord respectively.

Territory Retreat

When players withdraw an NFT from the territory, the 3 NFTs occupying the territory will withdraw from the territory together. The NFT mining in the Farm won’t be affected.

If the hero that is defending the territory is withdrawn from NFT pool, all 3 NFTs occupying the territory will retreat from territory.

After withdrawal, the territory will be reoccupied by the Dark Legion(NPC), the NPC’s power is equal to the power of the 3 NFTs that were withdrawn. The NPC‘s NFTs will also be affected by fatigue system.

During the protection time, NFTs cannot be withdrawn manually.

Protection Time

In order to improve the game experience, players can enjoy a period of protection time after occupying a territory. During this period, the territory cannot be challenged by others.

Protection time = Basic protection time + Bonus protection time

The Basic protection time has been divided to 3 levels according to the 3 types of territory. At the same time, it will be updated every 72 hours as the TINC currency price fluctuates. Currently the baisc protection time for Stronghold/Castle/Outpost = 15min/60min/180min.

The Bonus protection time will be affected by the amount of players held veTINC.

Assume that player A has x share of veTINC in TinyDAO, the Bonus protection time T(x) will be as follows:

When x <= 1%:

a=-550000, b=51500, c=20

When x > 1%:

a=5770, b=5800, c=443

Weekly Ranking Rewards

Players can earn real-time faction lord points after occupying the territory, and the rate of gaining points for Strongholds, Castles, and Outposts is 4/min, 1.5/min, and 0.6/min respectively. The faction lord points will be zeroed and reset every Thursday at 08:00 AM UTC. SPIRIT rewards will be distributed according to the final ranking of the previous week, the higher the ranking the higher the total rewards. Rewards can be collected cumulatively.

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