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Basic gameplay

There are 3 levels of territory in Tiny Lord. From highest to lowest, they are Strongholds, Castles, and Outposts respectively. The higher level Territory will have more TINC/TES reward pool. The initial amount of three kinds of territories are 60 strongholds, 120 castles, and 300 outposts. At launch, all territories are occupied by the Dark Legions. Players need to select 3 NFTs to form a team that will challenge the Dark Legion. The battle adopts the best of 3 rounds system. The 3 Heroes of your team will conduct 1v1 combat power PK with the enemy counterpart.

Occupy Territory

If the player wins the territory challenge, the winning 3 heroes will automatically occupy the territory and generate TINC/TES in real time. If the player is defeated in the territory challenge, they no longer occupy the territory as lord. The maximum amount of territories each player (address) can occupy is 20.

Everyday the FIRST territory challenge of each player needs to send an on-chain transaction, and subsequent challenges will not require on-chain operations. The refresh time is 08:00AM UTC every day.

Territory Reward

The territory will produce TINC/TES in real time during the occupation period.

The territory reward = The total emission of territories at this type/ total amount of territories currently occupied by real players at this type

Farmer and Lord

In the face of the attack from the Dark Legion, the Tiny farmers need to provide resources to Lords as compensation for defending their homeland. NFT pool and Tiny Lord will share the total NFT pool emission in a 60:40 split between farming and lord respectively.

Challenge Limit

Lv1 NFTs can challenge the territory ONCE a day, and Lv2/above NFTs can challenge the territory TWICE day.The challenge count will be reset at 08:00 AM UTC.

Fatigue System

The NFTs occupying the territory will enter the fatigue period after the protection time expires, and the lord's combat power will decay at a rate of 15% every half hour, and the minimum will be reduced to 1.

Territory Retreat

When players withdraw an NFT from the territory, the 3 NFTs occupying the territory will withdraw from the territory together. The NFT mining in the Farm won’t be affected.

If the hero that is defending the territory is withdrawn from NFT pool, all 3 NFTs occupying the territory will retreat from territory.

After withdrawal, the territory will be reoccupied by the Dark Legion(NPC), the NPC’s power is equal to the power of the 3 NFTs that were withdrawn. The NPC‘s NFTs will also be affected by fatigue system.

During the protection time, NFTs cannot be withdrawn manually.


Tiny Lord players will be sent to one of the three factions at the start of each season(Temple/Guardian/Fortress), and the system will send them as evenly as possible based on their combat power. Factions will be ranked based on the total Lord points earned by faction players. Higher-ranked faction players have higher territorial gains, but players from lower-ranked factions have a combat power bonus for initiating battles against higher-ranked faction players. Here are the specific values.

Faction RankingTerritory Reward Bonus Combat Power Bonus










The last half an hour of each season (07:30 AM UTC - 08:00 AM UTC Thursday) is the system settlement period, during which territory challenges cannot be performed and both territories' TINC/TES and lord points stop changing. After the new season begins, all camp points and territory occupation information will be cleared.

Faction ranking is updated every 15 mins in the first hour of each season, and every 4 hours thereafter.

Hero Class Restraint

Tiny World Heroes has three classes, namely warrior, archer, and mage. In the combat of Tiny Lords, the classes are mutual restraint, i.e. warrior restrains bowman, bowman restrains mage, and mage restrains warrior. When you start a combat against a hero of a restrained class, the combat will receive a 30% power boost.

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