Q: Do I need to pay any gas fees to play Tiny Kingdom?

A: As Tiny Kingdom is off-chain there are no gas fees for in-game transactions, like marketplace trades or upgrading equipment. The only gas fees you need to pay are to deposit tokens to the game and transfer Tiny Heroes into Tiny Kingdom.

Q: If I close the game, will the battle play automatically?

A: Yes, there is no need to keep the game open for the battle to continue. Even if the game is closed, the battle will play automatically until you log back in and end the battle by clicking “retreat”. Purchasing the Fairy Assistant allows for automatic battles and automatic retreat.

Q: Return to the castle frequently or Return to the castle after fighting until the Hero falls, which one is better?

A: Frequently Returning to the castle can get more materials. But it will sacrifice the bonus of the castles drop rate, and then it is more difficult to obtain good materials. You will also damage equipment a lot quicker by battling more often and will return less crystals per battle.

Q: How to expand the capacity of the backpack inventory?

A: Expand by 4 slots at a time, the price will increase gradually. Expanding consumes USDC, and the expanded slots will not be affected by season resets.

Q: When Level-1 Equipment is merged with Level-2 Equipment, can it be treated as 2 experience points?

A: Yes. If you forge equipment with better stats, you should use this as the base equipment as it is stronger. Then use the previous Equipment as a fusion material. The Equipment experience will be inherited, but you need to consume additional crystals to upgrade. For example; you have just forged a 100 rated magic wand, and you already have a level 3 (0/3) magic wand at 80 rating. You should use the 100 rated as the new base, and then fuse the level 3 equipment on top of it. You will be able to upgrade to the 100 rated magic wand up to level 3 again, by consuming the crystals, and the new magic wand will be level 3 (1/3) and 100 rating.

Q: How to upgrade the Hero's Level?

A: Heroes gain experience points when they fight in battle. Each monster Killed by your hero will gain them 1 experience point. When the experience bar is full, the Hero can be upgraded by consuming crystals.

Q: What is Attack, Defense, and Luck?

A: The HP of each enemy is 200, and the base damage is 25/min. Attack: Hero damage per second = Attack / 60 Defense: Hero Damage Reduction = Defense/(Defense + 1000) Luck: Increases the chance of better material drops and the drop amount of battle crystal.

Q: How to calculate the battle crystal drop?

A: Each hero base rate can get 1 crystal for every 500 monsters killed. Also, there are Luck bonuses, Castle bonuses and Level bonuses.

(a) Luck bonuses (each 100 luck points increased, the bonus increases by 15%). For example, when the warrior's luck value is 1500, the crystal bonus value is 225%.

(b) Castle bonuses (for each 1 castle increased, the bonus increases by 0.2%)

Calculation example:

Assuming, the player has conquered 1000 castles in the Deadwood Marsh level. During this process, the heroes have killed 4000 monsters in total and have 1500 of Luck. So, the number of crystals that heroes obtained are:

The amount of Crystal = (4000/100) * 2 * (1+225%) * (1+190%) = 754,

Crystal drop coefficient: 20%, Actual crystals = 754 * 20% = 150.8

The total number of crystals obtained is the sum of the crystals obtained by all heroes in battle.

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