🏞️Tiny Land

In the far-off land of Tiny World, five nations stand firm after fluctuating between countless battles and peaceful years, painting a magnificent picture of rivalry among these kingdoms. The epic tale of ‘Tiny War’ thus unfolds a fresh new chapter. In this magical world you can find a most precious and rare asset — the Tiny Land NFT, made up of territories from the five nations. Tiny Land NFT is limited to only 10,000 pieces. The first 1,000 will be airdropped to our loyal fans of Tiny World.

Each unique Tiny Land NFT possesses its distinct geographical location, nation, population, area, and even conceals rare landmarks like castles, caves, and ports. Owning a Tiny Land NFT not only rewards you more in Tiny Kingdom and Tiny Dungeons, but also becomes the cornerstone of the on-chain Tiny War gameplay. Here, elements of alliances, resource production, trade, and battles intertwine, allowing you to grow your territory and weave your own legendary tale of war!

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