Tiny World

Boost Pool

Different from traditional liquidity farming, Tiny Farm has introduced the boost liquidity pool based on veTINC with innovation (VotingEscrow TINC). Players can lock TINC to obtain veTINC and increase the farming weight of their TINC-BNB LP staking, with a maximum boost effect of up to 3 times.

Figuring Out Your Required veTINC for Boosting

You need to figure out how much TINC needs to be locked to boost farming. The required amount of veTINC varies depending on the LP amount, higher LP amounts requires more veTINC for boosting. You can click the [Boost 3x] button on the boost pool page to find the following calculator, and lock the corresponding amount of TINC based on the required veTINC.

Applying Your Boost

Your boost factor will be automatically updated by the following operations:
  • Add/Remove TINC-BNB liquidity in the boost pool
  • Claim TINC rewards from the boost pool
  • Lock TINC for the first time in TinyDAO
  • Increase the amount of TINC locked/extend the lock-up duration in TinyDAO
The boost effect will be lost when veTINC drops to 0.

Boost Formular

Formular for players' boost factor is as follows:
Boost Factor = min((LP_Deposited*1/3)+(Total_LP*veTINC_Balance/Total_veTINC*2/3), LP_Deposited)/(LP_Deposited*1/3)