Tiny World

Tinymon Farming

Tiny Farm has a unique SPIRIT farming pool for Tinymon NFTs. Players can stake their Tinymon to earn SPIRIT rewards.

SPIRIT Rewards Pool

The initial rewards pool contains 100,000,000 SPIRIT. Every week, 2% of the SPIRIT will be automatically allocated to the Tinymon farming pool as this week's farming rewards. In addition, a certain percentage of the SPIRIT consumed by players on chain will enter the SPIRIT rewards pool every week as follows:
SPIRIT Consumption
Tinymon Breeding
Tiny Hero Power enhancement
Tiny Hero Energy replenishment


Each Tinymon NFT has a power attribute, which equals the sum of the combat power of its unlocked body parts. The quality of each part and its corresponding combat power are randomly generated during the hatching process. The amount of SPIRIT mined depends on your weighted average of the total power across this SPIRIT farming pool. The higher the proportion, the faster the farming speed.
Different from Tiny Hero farming, Tinymon farming has the following rules:
  • No energy consumption and no staking amount limit.
  • No power bonus rule.
  • The SPIRIT obtained from farming can be claimed in real time, and there is no commission fee.